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Brightspark is 18 years old: A reflection by Mark Skapinker

Posted by Mark Skapinker on 9/13/17 11:05 AM

Summer is notorious for a being a time to reflect, and it hit me recently that this is the eighteenth year we are running Brightspark, our venture capital business.

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Inside the Mind: How Disruption Happens

Posted by Julian Legrand on 3/14/17 3:31 PM

In our last edition of Inside the Mind, we spoke to Mark about how pivoting stood the test of time to become one of the most important principles in startup businesses. As we journeyed through WinFax’s story, we discovered just how impactful a successful pivot can be. Today, we want to look a bit more into the practical side of pivoting and how market disruptions occur.

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Inside the Mind: Understanding the Pivot

Posted by Julian Legrand on 3/2/17 4:15 PM

Pivot is a word that tends to be thrown around. You might have heard it in an infamous Friends episode, in basketball and, more recently, in the startup world.

Our Managing Partner Mark Skapinker is no stranger to the term. Like many experienced VCs, Mark started his career on the other side of the table as an entrepreneur in the ‘80s. He was the bright mind behind Delrina—a Canadian tech darling that created over 800 jobs and sold to Symantec for $500M in 1995.

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Topics: startups, venture capital, narrative, Learning Room, throwback

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